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Showing 1–20 of 51 results

Showing 1–20 of 51 results

Aldersons Kaffir Lime Zest Sauce Hot 150ml

Freshly squeezed lemons and roasted limes are combined ...more info
New Zealand GrownNew Zealand Made


Aldersons Morepork Smokey BBQ Sauce 400g

Alderson's smokey BBQ sauce is the all natural ...more info
Gluten FreeOrganic Ingredients

Coming soon

Angel Food Cheesey Sauce Mix Tasty 240g

makes up to 12 cups of sauce
Dairy FreeEgg FreeGluten FreeNew Zealand MadeVegan

Coming soon

Angel Food Dairy-Free Cheesy Sauce Mix 240g

Delicious and easy to make - each pack makes 9 cups of ...more info
Dairy FreeGluten FreeNew Zealand MadeVeganVegetarianWheat free

On Special!

$14.98 $11.98

Braggs Organic Coconut Liquid aminos 296ml

Bragg Organic Coconut Liquid Aminos All Purpose ...more info
Certified OrganicGluten FreeSoy Free


Ceres Organic Basil Pesto 130g

Our Vegan Pesto is made from Organic ingredients that ...more info
Certified OrganicVegan


Ceres Organic Coconut Aminos Seasoning 250ml

Coconut Aminos Seasoning is made from the sap of ...more info
Certified OrganicPaleoSoy Free


Ceres Organic Coconut Balsamic Dressing 250ml

Coconut Balsamic Dressing is made from the sap of ...more info
Certified Organic


Ceres Organic Ketchup 290ml

Tasty and highly beneficial, tomato ketchup is a ...more info
Certified OrganicGluten FreeWheat free


Ceres Organic Mirin 250ml

Mirin has a sweet rich taste making it a versatile ...more info
Certified OrganicWheat free


Ceres Organic Tamari Soy Sauce 250ml

The traditional fermentation process allows tamari ...more info
Certified OrganicVegetarianWheat free


Ceres Organic Tamari Soy Sauce 750ml

The traditional fermentation process allows tamari ...more info
Certified Organic


Ceres Shoyu Organic Soy Sauce 250ml

Rich and full-bodied flavour. No artificial additives ...more info
Certified OrganicVegetarian


Ceres Tomato Paste 190g

Italian tomato paste to give that real taste of Italy ...more info
Certified OrganicVeganVegetarian


Chantal Organic Apple Syrup 250ml

Made from Organic New Zealand Apples. Apple syrup is a ...more info
Certified OrganicNew Zealand Made


Chantal Organic Italian Tomato Paste 200g

Made with nothing but organic, sun ripened tomatoes, ...more info
Certified OrganicGluten FreeSalt Free

On Special!

$3.40 $2.99

Chantal Organic Tamari Soy Sauce 300ml

A wheat free variety of fermented soy sauce. ...more info
Certified OrganicWheat free


Leahey Gluten Free Cheese Flavoured Sauce 227g

Cheese flavoured sauce mix. Gluten free and vegan. One ...more info
Dairy FreeGluten FreeSoy FreeVeganWheat free


Massel SuperGravy Granules Chicken Style 140g

Makes 1.4 litres. Combine with cold water, bring to ...more info
Gluten FreeVeganWheat free