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Protein Bars and Cookies


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Showing all 12 results

Blue Dinosaur Cookie Dough Protein Bar 60g

I used to beg Mum to just whack the mixing bowl on the ...more info


Blue Dinosaur Protein Chocolate Bar 60g

Does it taste more like chocolate fudge or more like ...more info


Blue Dinosaur Protein Coffee Bar 60g

It has a creamy, familiar, moreish flavour that will ...more info


Blue Dinosaur Protein Peanut Butter Bar 60g

With dark roasted oeanut butter and maple syrup, it ...more info


Blue Dinosaur Salted Caramel Protein Bar 60g

Nan’s caramel was brown sugar, butter, and salt, ...more info


Bounce Coconut Macadamia Protein Bliss 40g

High fibre, no preservatives, gluten free and ...more info


Matakana Superfood Dark Chocolate Bar 45g

Made with Premium Dark 70% Chocolate, Sacha Incha Nut ...more info


Promax Protein Bar Cookies n Cream 75g

20 grams of Muscle Building Protein, Promax Protein ...more info

Coming soon

Quest Protein Chips Sea Salt 32g

Quest Protein Chips revolutionized snack food, ...more info

Coming soon

Tom & Luke Peanut Butter Snackaballs Tub 224g

Peanut Butter & Cacao, all natural fruit, nuts ...more info