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Dried Fruit/Fruit Bars


Showing 1–20 of 23 results





Showing 1–20 of 23 results

Annies Fruit Jerky 100g

Fruit Jerky is chunky, succulent pieces of Annies. ...more info

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Annies Fruit Strips 90g

Fruit Strips are all the Annies fruit flavours cut ...more info


Blue Dinosaur Dark Cacao Paleo Bar 45g

This bar is where it all began. A rich, dark cacao ...more info


Blue Dinosaur Super Bite Passion fruit + 30g

Given that passionfruit is so naturally packed full of ...more info



Bounce Brekkie Bar Banana Pecan 50g

Bounce Brekkie Bar Banana Pecan 50g

Naturally sweet bananas blended with nutty pecans ...more info

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Ceres Organic Banana chips 200g

For this bag of crispy sweet deliciousness we take ...more info


Ceres Organic Matcha Lime Pie Wholefood 50g

Snack time has never looked so good. But, as they say, ...more info


Nakd Salted Caramel Bar 35g

Well hello gorgeous! Meet the newest member of the ...more info


Roar Organic Goji Berries 225g

Goji Berries are grown in the mountainous regions of ...more info


Roar Organic Sour Cherries 150g

ROAR Sour Cherries are wild harvested from European ...more info


Tom & Luke Peanut Butter Snackaballs Tub 224g

Peanut Butter & Cacao, all natural fruit, nuts ...more info


Tom & Luke Snackaballs Cacao Mint & Almond 5 pack

Yummy raw energy snackaballs. 5 balls per pack 70g


Tom & Luke Snackaballs Peanut Butter Cacoa 5 Pack 70g

Peanut Butter & Cacao, all natural fruit, nuts ...more info

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Trade Aid Dark Chocolate Almonds 130g

Large sweet almonds toasted and coated with smooth ...more info