Dried Fruit




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Absolute Organic Prunes 250g

Absolute Organic Unpitted & Moistened Prunes with ...more info
Certified OrganicGluten FreeVeganVegetarian


Bananas Organic Dried 200g

Great energy snacks, loaded with taste and natural ...more info
Certified OrganicSulphur Free


Ceres Organic Dried Blueberries 150g

Organic dried blueberries. Sweetened with sugar.
Certified Organic


Ceres Organic Dry Figs 250g

Ceres Organics turkish dried figs are moist and ...more info
Certified OrganicSulphate FreeSulphur FreeVegan

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Ceres Organic Tart Cherries Dried 150g

Tart Cherries from USA Sweetened with Cane Sugar.
Certified Organic


Ceres Sundried Tomatoes 150g

Delicious sun dried tomatoes - use in baking, and in ...more info
Certified Organic


Coconut Flakes Organic 200g

Made from the white meat of the coconut fruit and is a ...more info
Certified OrganicGluten Free


Cranberries Dried Organic 200g

Delicious, dried naturally, no preservatives used. A ...more info
Certified OrganicSulphur Free


Dates Diced Organic 250g

Dried naturally, no preservatives used. Sulphur free. ...more info
Certified OrganicSulphur Free


Dates Medjool Organic Fresh 500g

Organic Medjool Dates from the Bard Valley in ...more info
Certified OrganicPaleoVegetarian

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Dates Tunesia Deglet Pitted 250g

Dried naturally, no preservatives used. Sulphur free.
Certified OrganicSulphur Free


Figs Turkish Organic 1kg

Ecocert Certified. Dried naturally, no preservatives ...more info
Certified OrganicSulphur Free