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Dried Fruit


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Showing 1–20 of 44 results

Annies Fruit Jerky 100g

Fruit Jerky is chunky, succulent pieces of Annies. ...more info

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Annies Fruit Strips 90g

Fruit Strips are all the Annies fruit flavours cut ...more info

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Apricots Organic Dried Whole 500g

Dried naturally, no preservatives used.


Arepa Neuroberry Freeze Dried Blackcurrants 180g

Neuroberry® is a unique variety of New Zealand ...more info

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Banana Chips Organic Philippines 500g

Bananas are picked in a mature stage, peeled, washed, ...more info


Bananas Organic Dried 400g

Great energy snacks, loaded with taste and natural ...more info


Ceres Organic Crystallised Ginger 125g

Dried naturally, no preservatives used. Crystallised ...more info


Ceres Organic Dried Blueberries 150g

Organic dried blueberries. Sweetened with sugar.


Ceres Organic Sundried Goldenberries 100g

Golden berries, or Inca berries or Cape gooseberry or ...more info

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Ceres Organic Tart Cherries Dried 150g

Tart Cherries from USA Sweetened with Cane Sugar.


Ceres Sundried Tomatoes 150g

Delicious sun dried tomatoes - use in baking, and in ...more info


Cranberries Dried Organic 200g

Delicious, dried naturally, no preservatives used. A ...more info


Dates Medjool Organic Fresh 500g

Organic Medjool Dates from the Bard Valley in ...more info


Desert Palm Organic Pitted Dates 500gm

Pitted,Certified Organic USDA,Certified ...more info


Fresh As Organic Freeze Dried Blueberry Sliced 45g

Made using top quality blueberries, frozen at sub zero ...more info


Fresh As Organic Freeze Dried Raspberry 35g

reeze dried raspberries are intensely flavoured and ...more info