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Showing 1–20 of 104 results

Artemis Breast Feeding Tea 30g

For a good supply of milk and nourishing support of ...more info


Artemis Cool and Calm Tea 30g

For regulating and calming responses to hormonal ...more info

Coming soon

Artemis Digestive Ease Tea 30g

Settles stomach and digestive discomforts - warming ...more info


Artemis Immuno Boost Tea 30g

Helps the body's natural response to fight off winter ...more info


Artemis Kidney Cleanse Tea 30g

Supports fluid balance and urinary tract health. Also ...more info


Artemis Liver Detox Tea 30g

Traditional recipe to support normal cleansing and ...more info


Artemis PMT Ease Tea 30g

For a healthy woman's cycle and hormonal balance.


Artemis Rest & Relax Tea 30g

Soothes and supports the nervous system in times of ...more info


Artemis Slim and Trim Tea 30g

Self-care Tea Remedy to Target long-term weight ...more info


Artemis Tea Infuser

Stainless infuser for cup by cup


Ceres Organic Matcha Powder 70g

Whole leaf green tea concentrate loaded with folic ...more info


Clipper Fairtrade Pure Green Tea 40 bags

Unbleached Bags of Pure Green Tea This light and ...more info


Clipper Organic Fairtrade Green Chai Tea 20 Bags

A light & refreshing green tea carefully blended ...more info


Clipper Organic Peppermint Infusion Tea 20 Bags

Our Peppermint infusion provides a light, highly ...more info


Clipper Organic Tea Sleep Easy 20 Bags 40g

Contains ingredients that can help promote and ...more info


Clipper Organic White Tea 26 bags

A light, delicious and highly refreshing organic tea ...more info


Clipper Snore and Peace 20 bags

A comforting and delicately fragrant infusion that ...more info