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World Plant Milk Week


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Showing all 16 results

Almo Almond Milk Unsweetened 1L

We created Almo Milk with no questionable additives ...more info

Coming soon

Bonsoy Soy Drink 1ltr

Made with Organic Soy Beans. No added preservatives, ...more info


Coco Soul Organic Coconut Milk 1.25L

Coco Soul Organic coconut milk is high in Lauric acid, ...more info

Coming soon

Good Hemp Barista Seed Hemp Milk 1 Litre Tetra

Smooth & frothable, it's a natural source of good ...more info


Good Hemp Creamy Seed Hemp Milk 1 Litre Tetra

Fantastic news! This is an unsweetened dairy free alternative to milk and soya. It’s creamy, nutty, tastes delicious and its made from Hemp – really!
GOOD HEMP is great in tea and coffee, cereal or simply ...more info


Little Island Chocolate Coconut Milk 1L

A treat for Dairy Free treat for every one


Minor Figures Oat Milk 1L

Foamable. Robust enough to not split, even when faced ...more info


Nutty Bruce Activated Almond Milk 1L

Nutty Bruce Organic Activated Almond Milk has none of ...more info


Nutty Bruce Almond Coconut Milk 1L

Nutty Bruce Organic Coconut & Almond Milk has no ...more info


Pure Harvest Coco Quench Coconut Milk 1ltr

Cholesterol Free Lactose Free, no cane sugar. 100% ...more info


Pure Harvest Organic Oat Milk 1ltr

A non-dairy alternative. Use for cooking, in tea & ...more info


Pure Harvest Organic Original Soy Milk 1ltr

Natures Certified Organic Soy Milk. No Added Sugar. ...more info

Coming soon

Pure Harvest Rice Milk Enriched 1Litre

With natural plant calcium, Lactose Free. No sugar, no ...more info


Pure Harvest Soy Milk Unsweetened 1Ltr

Was labelled Malt Free
No Added Sugar. A natural soy milk that is free of all ...more info