pic_fruit1Organic Food is good for you, good for the growers and good for the environment.

In this changing world, with the uncertainty of genetically modified foods and the long-term effects of toxic chemicals, you can depend on organically grown and produced foods to be safe, healthy, and nutritious to eat.

Many people recognise the personal benefits of eating organic food, and the reduced impact on our environment.

Philosophies such as sustainable farming will help ensure that for generations to come the land will continue to produce an abundance of crops.

We believe that everyone deserves to breathe fresh air, drink pure water, and eat healthy foods that are chemical free.

When commercial farmers use herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, pesticides and synthetic fertilizers to grow their crops, these chemicals can remain in the food you eat, contaminate our planet’s water, and air, deplete the soil of its natural fertility and kill essential insects such as bees.

Conserving Natural Resources

We want you to enjoy the taste and health benefits of totally organic food at affordable prices. We deliver to your door (if you work or reside in Auckland New Zealand), so our produce is truly fresh and organic. Organic farming conserves natural resources by using composted natural products to feed and balance the soil naturally. It helps keep our soil and water – as well as our food supply – free of toxic chemicals. The results are a healthier chemical-free environment and land that remains sustainable for future generations to come.

When you choose to buy Organic, you are contributing to a healthier world.pic_shop1