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Lotus Sweet Almond Oil 100ml

100% pure & natural. Sweet Almond is an excellent ...more info


Lotus Tea Tree Oil 10ml

Certified 100% pure - melaleuca alternifolia. The ...more info


Lotus Venus Synergy Blend 10ml

A Blend of Patchouli &Ylang Ylang Essential Oils.
New Zealand Made


Lotus Wheatgerm Oil Cold Pressed 100ml

Wheatgerm oil is a very popular, all purpose carrier ...more info
New Zealand Made

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Lotus Witch Hazel Spray 120ml

Witch Hazel is an alcoholic extract from the leaves, ...more info
Natural Ingredients


Lotus Ylang Ylang (1st) Oil 10ml

Certified 100% pure - cananga odorata. Common Uses: ...more info


Made4baby Sleep Tight Fragrance Free Massage Oil 150ml

No harsh detergent, petrochemicals, artificial ...more info
New Zealand MadeOrganic Ingredients

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$16.95 $13.56

Magnesium Life Magnesium Chloride Oil 200ml

Magnesium is known as the relaxation mineral, calming ...more info
Organic Ingredients


Olbas Oil Inhalant 28ml

Olbas Oil is a mixture of essential plant oils used to ...more info
Natural IngredientsVegetarian

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$8.90 $8.00

Qoleum Qgel Soothing O 150g

Get a 150g Qrub Free
Soothing gel for all aches and pains, muscular, ...more info
Natural IngredientsNew Zealand MadeOrganic Ingredients


Qoleum Qgel Soothing O 80g

Get a Qrub 80g FREE
Mild soothing gel for all conditions and can be used ...more info
Natural IngredientsNew Zealand MadeOrganic Ingredients


Qoleum Qrub Cool Burn 150g

Get a 150g Qgel Free
Muscle Recovery, Injury Repair, prevents DOMS., Pre ...more info
Natural IngredientsNew Zealand MadeOrganic Ingredients


Tui Warming & Easing Balm 100g

For warming, especially before or after sports or ...more info
Natural IngredientsNew Zealand Made


Weleda Arnica Massage Oil 100ml

Soothes Muscle Pain
Natural Ingredients