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Showing all 7 results

Healtheries 100% Goats Milk Powder 450g

Makes 4.2 Litres of reconstituted Goats Milk.
New Zealand MadeNot Organic


Lotus Agar Agar Powder 75g

Made in Japan. Agar is extracted from certain marine ...more info
Natural IngredientsNot Organic

On Special!

$42.98 $38.68

Lotus Carob Powder 250g

No preservatives or additives. Carob Powder is a ...more info
Not Organic

On Special!

$11.80 $10.60

Lotus Citrus Pectin 100g

Suitable for use in the making of jam, jelly and ...more info
Not Organic

On Special!

$29.38 $26.44

Lotus Fructose Fruit Sugar 500g

Fructose tastes like sugar, only sweeter. It is found ...more info
Not Organic

Coming soon

Lotus Psyllium Husk 200g

A gentle yet effective dietary fibre. Mix with water ...more info
Not OrganicSugar Free

On Special!

$14.40 $12.96

Lotus Whey Powder 500g

No preservatives or additives. Manufactured from ...more info
Not Organic

On Special!

$13.10 $11.79