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Fresh Herbs


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Showing all 14 results

Basil Fresh Organic bag

A pungent and delicious herb that adds flavour to ...more info


Bay Leaves Fresh Organic 50g

Bay leaf refers to the aromatic leaves of several ...more info


Chives Garlic Organic Pack

Both leaves and the stalks of the flowers are used as ...more info


Chives Organic Fresh Pack

Chives are grown for their leaves, which are used for ...more info


Coriander Organic Pack

Packed in Compostable Biodegradable bags
Also known as cilantro. Fresh, pungent and ideal for ...more info


Dill Organic Pack

Organic Dill.

Coming soon

French Tarragon Organic Pack

Organic French Tarragon.


Italian Parsley Organic 50g Pack

The classic garnish and excellent for keeping a ...more info


Mint Fresh Organic 50gm Pack

Use with roast lamb or in dressings to bring your ...more info


Parsley English Bunch Organic 50g

Packed in Compostable Biodegradable bags
Parsley is extraordinarily rich in vitamins C and A, ...more info


Rosemary Fresh Bunch

Perfect for roast lamb - adds a rich flavour to the ...more info


Sage Fresh Organic Bag

It has a savoury, slightly peppery flavour. It appears ...more info


Thyme Fresh Organic Bag

A delicate looking herb with a penetrating fragrance, ...more info


Turmeric Yellow Fresh Fiji Spray free 250gm Bag

With therapeutic properties ranging from boosting ...more info